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What is Primal Health?

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

During this appearance on the Quietude podcast I discuss the fundamentals to primal health, the principles and how I operate.

During this interview we discuss:

  • Primal Health philosophies and the benefits

  • Reframing exercise

  • Re-aligning to our human design

  • Cold water immersion and Ultra marathons for resiliance, mindset and mental strength

  • The importance of good food and nutrition

  • The fat adapted state - for stable energy and other benefits

  • Fasting and intermittent fasting

  • Carborhaydrate dependancy and the "carb roller coaster"

  • Digital detox, natural light and the circadium rhythm

  • and more...

Primal Health is about realigning to our human design. Stripping it back and getting back to simplicity!

You can listen to these podcasts on Spotify and on Apple podcasts. Please find the direct links here:


Apple Podcast:

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