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Prioritise Yourself!

Lack of time is not the problem, it’s a lack of prioritising yourself!

"Self-care is not a luxury, it's essential"

Life is a constant balancing act, demanding work schedules, long workdays, kids and all the home chores all add up to limited time in which we can focus on healthy practices such as eating good quality food and taking regular exercise.

How many times have you said, 'I don't have the time’?

I used to say it a lot. It was only when I started hollowing out time for myself, as a matter of

urgency, making myself a priority that I saw real improvements in my health - my physical capabilities and particularly my mental state. Plus, I didn’t get on the wife’s nerves so much which always aids in a more harmonious atmosphere to live in!

I never really used to look after myself, going along with life, expecting my body, mind and health to just always be there. You could say I would take my health for granted.

However, over the years my attitude has shifted. I’ve become more focused on longevity and quality of life! Shifting my belief that self-care is not a luxury or selfish, but essential! As a result, I've now developed a self-care routine.


Everyone is busy

Life is pretty much always busy, hectic, crazy - how do we fit it all in? It comes down to the same point; we must prioritise it ourselves! One thing I have learned over the years is the importance of being proactive with my health. Mediating, running and constantly learning and experimenting - especially around food and diet. We must do it ourselves!!

Regular Adventure

I need adventure in my life, and I’d argue that we all do. Especially to combat the stresses and strains of modern life and this increasingly strange time we are living. It seems I’m not alone as many people I have spoken with recently about my experiences and working with clients, I can now really see the importance of this self-care and the effects it can have on people.

A while ago I woke up to the fact that life was passing me by and I had become bored, frustrated and as my wife put it… like a “caged animal”! I’d stopped doing the things that made me feel alive and energised and therefore, I made a personal commitment to rewild myself. Essentially giving myself permission to seek the things I loved and make myself a priority.

Keep on running

Running in nature is a biggy for me and barefoot running became an interest and I started to dabble. Shoes off, life is very different! For example, the icy ground can present a challenge to my bare feet, not just the bitter cold, but the firm sharp edges of the frozen mud. It can stress me and my system as it can be so uncomfortable… but when you push yourself in such circumstances out into your stretch zone, this is when adventure happens! It is these regular, microdoses of adventure that keep me topped up and my wild animal satisfied!!

Self-care is essential not a luxury!

I’ve developed a flexible self-care routine that fits around the demands of a busy modern life.

If I’m not out for a run, I’m out for a walk. If not a walk, I go and sit and relax (without other

stimulation). Sometimes, I write things down and journal, sometimes I meditate or do some conscious breathing and sometimes I wonder in nature, just being who I am, in the present moment! These are a few examples of the small steps I take daily to enable me to function at an optimum level, prioritising myself and making it a regular daily ritual keeps me sane in this insane world!

I was drawn to the Primal Health Coach philosophy because it has taught me how to optimise my proactive actions. It’s been

reminding me of basic steps we have forgotten in the over-sophisticated modern life! It is so important to slow down and be present. My regular mini-adventures help me to prioritise myself and keep me sane!

I invite you to consider how you can put yourself first, prioritise yourself, if only for a small amount at a time a day?


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