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How I run a 60mile ultra marathon averaging 16miles a week training

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

View my full podcast appearance where I discuss my holistic and primal approach to training for a multi-day mountain ultra marathon event. Understanding Ultra Podcast hosted by Samual Hill - what a top man!

During this interview I discuss:

  • My background and what drew me to running ultra marathons

  • The Outdoor Bloke 1.0 - setting my foundations

  • The Indoor Bloke - My crash, period of overwhelm and burn out

  • My personal rewilding mission

  • My secret weapon - Fat as Fuel - The primal diet

  • How I only averaged 16 miles of running per week (for the 10 weeks before the ultra)

  • Grounding and it's benefits

  • Barefoot running

  • Breathing exercises - CO2 resistance, nasal breathing

  • Cold water immersion and its benefits

  • and more...

Fat as fuel is my secret weapon. This is the preferred fuel source for humans!

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