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Throbbing with Internal Energy! George's Success Story

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Spot Light on George Marchant – Past client from Foundational Health Coaching Programme

  • George lifts the low level depression that has pervaded him for years!

  • George is able to be himself more fully

  • George is more focused and aware of himself – physically and mentally

This short article is about celebrating the transformation and success that Georges has experienced in a 12 week period. But it is also designed to give you (prospective clients) a window into what working with me (The Outdoor Bloke) may look like and the results you can expect. So here we go!

Profile: George, 34 years young, 2 kids, engaged and working as a health and safety trainer (safety at heights).

Background: He described himself as open minded and very committed to make change in his life. However, he was concerned with his own follow through or lack of (this has been an issue in the past) and he thought that staying away with work may present the biggest hurdle to change. However, it's fair to say than neither of these were an issue in the slightest!

George started a 12 week coaching programme with his main aim described as;

“I want to feel like I shine and throb with internal energy, basically operating at 100% human being”

Straight away, I knew I had my work cut out here! What does this actually mean? I needed to dive deeper and break this down!

Programme Info

I started by asking lots questions. It then became apparent that George felt like he was operating hugely under what he knew he was capable of. He said that his body felt weak through lack of use, he had a knee injury and he felt like he was in cruise mode! He went as far to say that he was operating at 40% physical capacity!

I got the sense that George really wanted to trust himself but his lack of discipline with himself scuppered this. Furthermore, he was disconnected to his inner knowing and intuition.

As a result, we established a vision to create a high level of foundational health. This initial visioning stage was key to the rest of the programme. George started to become aware of how he was currently living and how some of the choices he was making were not supporting him and his health.

We introduced extra movement into his everyday (walking more, squats, dynamic stretches) and some basic strength exercises a few times a week. George likes to run and cycle and we explored how he could do this still, but without going into what is known as the “black hole” – training too hard, too often! As a result, George started to feel less stiff in his body, could move easier and generally better in himself.

However, he struggled to “commit” to these sessions during the week. He said that “personally I work well with routine, but my life has no routine!” – So, we established that he needs a flexible self-care routine that slotted into every day life. So we came up with this.

He started to do some reading on the primal diet (resources I’d provided but also investigating things himself). He made preparation for the change that the primal diet would bring by evaluating his cupboard situation, he looked at recipes and where to source good food from. All with my help. He then done a big shop (something he doesn’t usually do) and we set the date that he would start his new primal eating approach.

George took to this very easily and within weeks had became “fat adapted” – meaning that he was tapping into his fat stores as his primary fuel source. Somethings that modern humans have forgotten how to do and the benefits that it offers. Think:

Fat as fuel = A clean purring engine of a Tesla.

Carbs as fuel = a dirty diesel chugging engine from an old tractor!

Feeling leaner, more in tune with his body and more energised, George then dropped a bombshell! He described how he felt like a big cloud had been lifted from him. He felt much lighter and brighter and I soon discovered that George has been living with a non-crippling “low level depression” – for years.

A keen outdoorsman, George sent me a video of a professional climber, Dave Macleod, discussed how he had resolved 20 years of depression through a change to his diet. The Keto diet, which is very similar to what the primal diet is. This was a huge revelation for George and one that he massively related too! Wow!!!

This, on top of some deep discussions around some of Geroge’s ingrained beliefs and his time management – put him in a powerful position. George was now aware of how he could make choices that supported him and his health. How, if he “slipped up” he could “course correct” and get back to what works for him.

George was like a new man at this point and was noticeably more energised and present. He had gained more trust and confidence in himself and became increasingly curious about what else he could achieve. Nothing overwhelmed him anymore, he had a better connection to himself. He said that he enjoyed work more and found it easier to connect with people. Most importantly though, he was shinning and throbbing with internal energy!

At the end of the 12 weeks. George said:

I came into the program with the general idea of improving myself, but feeling a bit lost as to what was missing from my life. I felt I was operating at 40% of my physical abilities and my head was a murky pond of indistinct thoungts and emotions.
With Lewis' coaching I have changed the way I look at myself, my problems, their root and how to negotiate these to realise what my real goals are and what my real barriers are. Being able to analysis myself, physically, mentally and emotionally has been a massive benefit to my life and an empowering skill that I am still developing beyond the program thanks to Lewis' excellent coaching skills. Together we used a base structure to guide my development but it was really flexible and personal and really felt like it was mine to addressed my needs.
I have been recommending the lifestyle changes I have gone through to all sorts of people with all sorts of needs. Because I've come away feeling physically strong and capable, my digestion has become comfortable and efficient, I've become clear in my head about what I want and need and how I can get there, and a surprise benefit I found was that I no longer have depression or anxiety which I have had to a mild degree for 15 years.

Got some questions? Get in contact and book a discover call now.

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