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10 Primal Laws & Why They Are Important To Health

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

“We are designed to be wild, (and) by living tame we make ourselves sick and unhappy.” Go Wild – Ratey and Manning

Two and a half million years of selection pressure and harsh environmental circumstances created the perfect genetic recipe for human health and longevity. Our "wild" conditions that our genes expect are not being met in today's overly sophisticated and industrailised world.

Perhaps this goes a long way to explain the modern health crisis that we are facing. I'm not talking about the obvious lurgy that has been so disruptive over the past 18 months. I mean obesity, mental health, allergies and many other metabloic and lifestyle diseases that are an epidemic in their own right!

In this presentation, I discuss this more and offer up the 10 laws of the Primal Blueprint, which represent the comprehensive formula for optimal gene expression. Meaning, how we should be living as the wild animals that we are!

These 10 primal blueprint laws provide an overview of the action steps to improve your health. For effective weightloss, vibrant health, boundless energy and a lean, proportionate body. If you want to learn more subcribe to my mailing list.

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