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Organic Revival

Back to you in 90 days

Have everyday pressures of family and work started to grind you down? Maybe this has been going on for a number of years and you have no energy, motivation and time. Further still:

  • You feel sluggish and eating is unconscious and for convenience

  • You’re unhappy in your skin and even though you’ve tried everything, you’re still overweight

  • You have persistent injuries and exercise is a struggle, inconsistent or non-existent

  • Your mind is more unsettled than ever eg. mood swings, irritation, shorter temper etc.

  • You’re unable to switch off easily

  • You’re drinking too much alcohol or relying on other such crutches

  • Fun and enjoyment are distant memories

  • You worry about the state of things in 5, 10 or 20 years  


Sound familiar? Things need to change... and I can help.

As a reminder… you are wild at heart and meant for so much more. 

Humanity evolved with rhythms and rituals that the craziness of modern life has left in the dust. Our psyches haven't caught up with the change of pace and many of us now exist in a state of survival – just going through the motions of life, unaware that our stress response (fight or flight) has become one of the most abused mechanisms in the human body.

By getting back to basics and adopting a primal blueprint, we can quickly calm our nervous systems, escape narrow-focused goals, like losing a stone or smashing a new PB and holistically revive our body and minds.

We can then focus on taking time for ourselves, seeking more enjoyment from life, rebalancing our work/life schedule and shifting focus to our overall wellness, human performance and becoming our PB (personal best).

Overall wellness & being your personal best

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My job is to guide you back to your primal power. To trust yourself and your intuition again. I will keep you accountable to yourself.



I point out and help you to unlearn old outdated, overly hyped dogma which clouds your mind and leads to inaction.

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I’ll provide supporting resources such as a shopping list, recipes, food sourcing advice, fitness guidance, exercise videos and many more.

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Key topics explored include:

Mindset, vision and goals

Personal leadership

Primal/ Organic health principles

Food and nutrition – think paleo, keto and intermittent fasting

Green exercise and active living

Play and seeking joy

Stress management through authentic living

Optimal sleep habits and digital stimulation awareness

Addiction and limiting beliefs

Nature connection, earthing, cold water therapy, conscious breathing.

Primal living represents the purest expression of the human experience

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90 days from now

Revive body and mind


  • Stabilise energy, feel more motivated, with a clearer vision

  • More joy, fun and excitement.

  • Adopt a simple exercise regime that maximises physical and mental gains

  • Build strength and fitness – the easy way

  • Be mindful about food – what food will and won’t nourish you

  • loose weight – past clients have lost about 1 stone

  • Understand the principles of sustainable weight loss/ management

  • Reduce stress & anxiety  - reported reduction to 4 out of 10 or below

  • Better control of negative lifestyle habits

  • Feel less disempowered with better boundaries

  • Improve relationships (every day and sexual)

  • Better sleep quality

  • Better attuned to needs and feelings - with the ability to “course correct”

  • Gain new insights & perspective

1:1 Coaching - What's Included?



We will meet online weekly - Via Zoom. You will receive regular email content and direct contact/support via WhatsApp.



You will learn the 10 primal blueprint laws and how best to apply these to your life. These provide a framework, but the programme is ultimately unique to you!

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Deep dives

I peel back some layers of your beliefs/mindset that aren’t supportive to your goals and perhaps not overly obvious to you. To help remove old barriers.

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I've come away feeling physically strong and capable, my digestion has become comfortable and efficient, I've become clear in my head about what I want and need and how I can get there, and a surprise benefit I found was that I no longer have depression or anxiety which I have had to a mild degree for 15 years.


George M

1:1 Client

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Outdoor Cooking

YES - It's for you

  • Curious about your potential

  • Wonders if there is a better way

  • Prepared to do the work

  • Fed up with conventional ways

  • Want long term change – lifestyle

  • Willing to face some truths

  • Opened minded and want to learn

  • Holistically minded

NO - Not for you

  • Seeking instant results/ quick fixes

  • Want someone else to do the work

  • Who have blind faith in the “experts”

  • Overly stuck in the status quo

  • Unwilling to change

  • A closed book – unwilling to share

  • Unwilling to learn

  • Vegans (animal produce is a key element)

12 week programme


A custom solution created with you

Individualised programming

Weekly 1:1 video call with Lewis

Accountability, mentorship and support - 24/7 (ish)

Resources to keep

Oppotunities for in person adventure/ outdoor meet ups

WhatsApp community of likeminded people

Limited spots available. GET YOURS NOW!

Survival to Revival

The Outdoor Blokes Story

For 10 years I worked as a bushcraft and survival instructor, expedition leader and mountain leader. The great outdoors was my office and I was loving life! That is until I become burnt out and overwhelmed. The outdoor bloke quickly became the indoor bloke and my mental and physical health started to spiral downwards. I was just existing!

I then set myself a personal mission to reconnect with what I knew best – wild places. I started to prioritise myself and immersed myself in trail running (green exercise). This not only made me physically fitter than I’d ever been, but as a by-product of receiving mega doses of vitamin N (Nature) it transformed my mind and mental health as well.

Lewis 2.jpg

At the finish line of a 70 mile (11O km) ultra

But I didn’t stop there, I became curious of my potential and so fully embodied the primal lifestyle by adopting the diet, exercise and lifestyle habits of our hunter gatherer ancestors, as well as going alcohol free, barefoot and throwing myself into ice cold water. As a result, I became healthier, fitter and clearer than ever, which led to me completing a 70-mile ultra-marathon and qualifying as a primal health coach to share the love. 

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