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35 year old male. Throbbing with internal energy!

  • Low level depression and anxiety lifts.

  • Able to be himself more fully

  • More focused and aware of himself – physically and mentally

"I've come away feeling physically strong and capable, my digestion has become comfortable and efficient, I've become clear in my head about what I want and need and how I can get there, and a surprise benefit I found was that I no longer have depression or anxiety which I have had to a mild degree for 15 years."


George. M -  1:1 Client


George's health and life transformation has been substantial. To celebrate this, we want to share more about his journey. As a result we have produced a "spot light" for the lad!

59 year old female. Weight loss, focus on self and shift in thinking

Anna G. before and after2.JPG
Anna G. Before and after1.JPG

Before I started coaching with Lewis, I was running 4-5 days a week and eating what I thought was a healthy diet. I was drinking wine at the weekend and gradually getting fatter. I had learnt to hide my weight in what I wore; I was ashamed that my body was taking control of me.


I was looking to lose weight, not really worrying about anything else - but I achieve this and more.

Lewis was so professional. We had weekly meetings on zoom (for 12 weeks) and he would provide other resources – Including a primal food pyramid and approved food list. He would ask me to find out how many carbs were in each meal and his advice when I was struggling during the first few weeks was life changing.

As time went on, I started to taste the difference in organic, grass fed products and tried so many different foods. I started to enjoy cooking again and learned that I do not need to eat so much food. My lightbulb moment came when I realised that I don’t eat sugar any more, mainly because it makes me feel lethargic and slightly nauseous. So now I love eating berries and fruit which tastes so sweet to me and I no longer want to eat the toast an that I’d crave previously.


Lewis was always on call if I had a question which was very useful, especially at the beginning, when I wasn’t used to the differences around eating and primal exercises.


I lost a lot of weight, my waist become much slimmer and I felt much better in myself. However, Lewis also helped to shift my way of thinking. I learned to look after myself through not just exercise and food but also relaxation and play.


I am putting myself before others now, caring about me, learning to get a healthy work/life and nutritional balance. Not just focussing on losing weight, as I know what I eat now is healthy and the weight is coming off.

Anna G. 1:1 Client

30 Year old male. Getting out of the rut!

  • Stress levels down from 9/10 to 4/10 in 8 weeks

  • Fitness levels improve - running 2 or 3 times a week - starts martial arts

  • Energised and improved sleep - waking up rested - with multiple 5.30am runs!

"Before I begun the programme I was lost, just smoking, drinking coffee and eating junk food to get through. I used to just crack on in life and say I’ll get fit at some stage, but it went on for weeks and months and then I pretty much just used to live my life like that. Like a slob, doing anything to cope. Work was a big source of stress, I was doing unpaid overtime, staying behind, making out as though work was the only thing that mattered!

Throughout the programme I really valued having mentorship to help me assess how I felt, why I was stuck in a rut and how to deal with it going forward. It was good to focus on me for a change rather than me just focusing on surviving day to day. I’ve taken more time for me and made it a dead cert that work ain’t gunna take the piss out of me.


I now know how to recongnise certain mindsets and more importantly how to reset myself whenever I fall off. In my head, I have a check list of what I should be doing with my life, to do healthy things... to feel good. And it's an easy check list, whereas it used to be quite daunting!"

Jake J - 1:1 Client

30 Year old male. Getting out of the rut!

50 Year old male. Unconsious action to mindful perspective

  • Mood - From up and down to "even keel"

  • Recognise stress triggers with ability to tune in internally

  • making more time for self - In nature

At the start of the program I was overly invested to the point of stress with work matters. I was getting stressed really easily and struggling to cope. My moods were really up and down. Either high or low.

I may not have been perfect with the diet or exercise elements of the programme, but the focus on my mental health has been a massive win. I definitely have a better perspective. I have made extra time to be able to do what I enjoy, without having to worry about the wife, the house, the dog or work (daily struggles), it’s given me “me time”… which has been neglected! 

All in all, I am more mindful of my choices and actions. What food is good for me (or not), what exercise does or doesn’t motivate me, how I am feeling in my mind and how and what triggers me (at work and personally).

1:1 Client

52 Year old male. Lost weight & reduced anxiety

  • Anxiety is now in a controllable place, down at times to a 4 out of 10

  • Physically up to 70% with a lot more energy. Up 40% in 12 weeks.

  • Had 2 or 3 nice complements recently...that I’ve gone “in”…that I’ve lost weight!

I’ve dropped weight, I’ve got a flatter stomach and feel armed to keep on doing this in the long term. Physically, I have gone from functioning at a 30% up to a 70% with more energy and clarity. My anxiety has dropped from 10/10 at the start, to 4/10. It has been a challenge at times, but overall I’m on the up for sure. The biggest eye opener for me has been the affect diet has on somebodies’ life, on my life!

Simon H - 1:1 Client


Tim. S
Client from Bushcraft course

Lewis has a very calm demeanour that immediately makes you feel comfortable. He is highly professional and extremely patient when it comes to learning new skills – something that I was hugely grateful for!  

Dan. R
Client from Bushcraft training.

Lewis has a calm and relaxed approach and a great philosophy of re-connecting with nature that runs through all of what he does. He is able to adapt to meet individual needs and as such is able to get the best out of everybody.

Pavel. S
Client from Bushcraft days


Lewis is very good at what he does. Very highly recommended! Five stars!

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