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Health Coach - The Outdoor Bloke 2.0

Lewis AKA The Outdoor Bloke is a Health Coach qualified under the Primal Health Coach Institute (PHCI) and is a FULL member of the UK Health Coaches Association (UKHCA), which is the professional body for Health and Wellness coaches in the UK.


About the Primal Health Coach Institute

The PHCI is centered on ancestral health principles, a scientifically validated wellness institute that mimics the habits of our primal ancestors and supports our genetic evolutionary blueprint with real-food, low-carb eating, inspired movement and play, and stress-reduction and balance in all aspects of life.


It was founded by Mark Sisson a leading figure in the Paleo/ Primal movement. The syllabus is determined by a board of advisors made up of Doctors, MD's, PhD's, renowed authors, professors, ex- elite pro-athletes, leading coaches to some of the most successful athletes (think Olymipic gold medallist) and other fitness and nutrition experts. 

About the UK Health Coaches Association

The UKHCA is the professional body for Health and Wellness Coaches for the UK and Ireland. Members of the UKHCA are fully qualified and credentialed professionals who have satisfied robust professional standards and work within a defined scope of practice, while upholding a professional Code of Conduct.

The UKHCA is managed and advised by a team of Doctors, PhD's, Nutritionists, Coaches, Wellness, Business and Legal experts.

Lewis is insured and both his insurance certificate and qualification certificates are available to view if required.

Primal Health Coach Certified
UKHCA badge - white.png

Background - The Outdoor Bloke 1.0

Before Lewis trained and qualified as health coach, he was inspired to get out and live a life of adventure and learning.


“There must be more to life than this?” was a life changing question Lewis asked whilst growing up in the concrete jungle of London.  This question motivated him to get out and experience as much of life as possible. As a result, Lewis has extensive travel experience, a broad background of interacting, teaching and facilitating people, in wild and remote places and a driving desire to learn, improve and live his potential. Some key facts about Lewis:

  • 15 + years in the outdoor activities industry. An industry centred on pushing boundaries, stretching comfort zones and personal development – using adventure, challenge and nature to achieve this. Different roles include; Instructor, Manager, Leader, Sales, Consultant etc.

  • Has worked with 100+ different schools - including state and Independent/ primary and secondary – as well as underprivileged teenagers, university students, business professionals/ owners etc.

  • Led 18 Expeditions – Both personally and professionally, going off the beaten track, staying and learning from native/indigenous people; hiking, trekking and exploring. Key places visited; Uganda (x3), Kenya, Borneo, Peru and Costa Rica. Highlights being the time spent with the Maasai of Kenya and the Shiripo people of Amazonian Peru.

  • Took 3 “Gap years” - Travelled to North America, Australia and South East Asia in between temporary work. These years were key to Lewis breaking out his shell.

  • Specialised in – Bushcraft and survival skills, hill walking/ mountaineering, rock climbing, overseas expeditions and trail running.

  • Qualified as - a Mountain Leader, Rock Climbing instructor and has a BA (Hons) Degree in Outdoor Activities Management.

  • Founded - a small business (2014-2018) with big aspiration – in Re:YOU. Which encouraged a “digital detox” and a “primal reset” through multiday nature immersion courses/retreats.

  • Looking within - Has read 300+ self-help books, attended hundreds of workshops, gatherings, lectures of alternative information and spiritual retreats. Is a regular meditator and has had multiple mentors/ coaches over the years.

  • Interested in – Trail running, having completed a 42-mile & 70 mile Ultra-marathons as well as multiple trail marathons. But ultimately, most interested in pushing his own boundaries and aligning with nature and his primal power.

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