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Health & Adventure Coach

A back to basics revival of body and mind

By getting back to basics, I help chronically stressed and burnt out individuals to make lifestyle changes which will allow them to feel great again!

-Lewis Herridge


The Problem

Modern life is rubbish

The 9-5 work/life struggles, the social/financial pressures, the constant bombardment of information and digital stimulation, indoor sedentary living, convenience food, multi-tasking and restless sleep. No time, motivation or energy.

=Survival Mode

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The Aspiration Feel great

Function as you should – 100% human. Physically fit & strong. Saying “yes” to adventure and to life. Clear, focused & in the right place mentally. Eating foods that make you feel good, without the fuss. Free from addictions, bringing value and being the shining light that you know you are.

About - here to fix a disconnect

Wild at Heart

The forgotton requirement for healthy living

The Outdoor Bloke harnesses the power of nature. Not just mother nature but our own human nature - both forgotton requirements - to foster optimal health and wellbeing.

By regularly going to nature and tapping into scientifically validated ancestral health concepts, we can realign to forgotten practices that have served humanity for 2.5million years. Practices such as eating real, whole foods, moving as humans have evolved to move, and living according to our natural predisposition and rhythms.

These and other steps, will help to normalise hormonal responses and gene expression, for optimum human performance and authentic living.

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Meet Lewis
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Meet The Outdoor Bloke, AKA Lewis

Survival to Revival

For 10-years I worked as a bushcraft and survival instructor, expedition leader and mountain leader. The great outdoors was my office and I was loving life! That is until I become burnt out and overwhelmed. The outdoor bloke quickly became the indoor bloke and my mental and physical health started to spiral. I was just existing!

Then I set myself a personal rewilding mission to reconnect with what I knew best – wild places and my own wild nature. In the years that followed I became fitter, stronger and healthier than ever and qualified as a primal health coach to share the love. 


Get back to you

Everything I do is based on the deep belief in the human – in you. How out of place we find ourselves, and how our innate skills and wisdom are no longer remembered, let alone put to use.

I believe that helping you reconnect with nature, and a natural way of living, reignites your body and mind’s fire. It offers a reset and a fresh perspective of an ever more demanding world, it gives you the tools to find balance.



Outdoor Adventures

Let me guide you or your group who want to visit the mountains, forests or go for a cold dip.

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Challenge yourself to integrate key ancestral health concept into your life over 21 days.

Coming Soon

In person meet ups

Online challenges

1-2-1 Coaching

Organic Revival

1:1 Coaching

Get back to basics. Do the basics really well and create a solid base for you to thieve upon. Using a primal framework, together we explore, food, exercise, nature and other lifestyle habits that are holding you back.

It’s about taking responsibility, prioritising yourself, creating a new vision and making choices that support your health - now and in the long term.

It is an online 12 week program with plenty of support, resources and accountability along the way. My promise is that in 90 days you will begin to understand your own needs and trust yourself again.

On the Phone
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Book a Free Discovery Call

Click below to access my calendar and book a time to chat, ask questions and learn how and if I can help you.

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"I've come away feeling physically strong and capable, my digestion has become comfortable and efficient, I've become clear in my head about what I want and need and how I can get there, and a surprise benefit I found was that I no longer have depression or anxiety which I have had to a mild degree for 15 years."


George. M -  1:1 Client

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The great outdoors is where I like to be. I go for inspiration, to clear my head and to maintain a healthy body and mind. I share my journey on here and offer top tips, updates, inspiriation and much more.

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Contact me

Based in Cheshire (Near Manchester) UK  |  Tel: 07880-506-466

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